Joseph Hakim Anderson

Virgo new moon: oneness with work

I can feel us sliding into fall! I think the late summer is my favorite time of year: still warm and dry, but there is a hint of cool in the breeze from time to time, the color palette of the deciduous leaves is starting to shift. And there's always a sense of anticipation of new opportunities to turn inward and explore the hidden depths in the dark times to come. The autumnal equinox is just three weeks away: I can't wait!

One of the signs of this late-summer season is tomorrow afternoon's new moon in Virgo. Here are Donna Cunningham's Moon Signs affirmations for the moon in Virgo:

I let go of finding fault with myself and others.
I release my addiction to perfection.
I affirm the wholeness of my body, mind, and spirit.
My work flows easily and productively.
Work assumes its rightful, balanced place in my life.

These concepts circle around the idea of getting beyond the paralysis of judgment and self-consciousness and entering the natural ease of good, rich, satisfying labor. Virgo has an association with the quality of "service", and I find that helpful too. This particular item:

I affirm the wholeness of my body, mind, and spirit.

is calling me right now to delve into an area that I don't usually talk about here, on this site dedicated to spiritual healing and creativity. But unless it includes everything, "wholeness" doesn't really make sense. And so...

In my day job I work at a technology company, and it is a highly cerebral place to be. I work with a lot of engineers and analysts and at times it seems like we can go through whole days together without ever touching the earth. So it seems, but I have come to realize through many years in such environments that in fact all the aspects of humanity are fully present, even when we have trouble acknowledging them. Full-spectrum human-ness will leak out, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

My daily task is to bring Spirit into this place of Mind - not (as I have learned through various unsuccessful experiments) through direct naming but rather through awareness, trust, and allowing. When I am patient - and I am not always patient! - the rays of divinity shine through in unexpected ways. I will never stop learning about how to do this, and at the root it's probably the main reason why I've kept it up for so long.

Spirituality in the workplace is not an easy thing to hold with integrity. Those last two words, "with integrity", are really the crucial part of the challenge, at least for me. "Mindfulness" is all the rage these days, and I have seen a few other spirit-at-work trends come and go. What makes me suspicious, frankly, is the ease with which such concepts can be manipulated to become surrogates for "increased productivity" and "staff satisfaction and retention" - in other words, ways for corporations to make more money.

So what does it mean to be a whole person in the workplace, with integrity? I am challenging myself this month to look at it as an opportunity to accept myself and my circumstances with complete openness, humility, gratitude, and patience.

In its better moments, work at my day job does become a beautiful flow of selfless service. In those times it doesn't matter that I'm not gathering berries in the mountains or chanting beside a forest stream: there is joy and peace and satisfaction in work well done, for its own sake. My spirit expands as much as it ever can in the goodness of being at one with my labors. Though mental activity, and stress, and interpersonal complications and all the rest, can kick up some pretty strong distractions, such opportunities for oneness with the work are never far away. Under the Virgo moon I want to keep reminding myself of that, too.

I can see that I am in the middle of a slow and graceful pivot toward the work of healing and teaching that is the focus of this site. I likely have another few years of doing the kind of daytime work I've been doing, as that dance unfolds in the perfection of its own rhythm. I'm calling on this beautiful late-summer Virgo moon, full of the energy of the harvest and on the cusp of the coming of delicious autumn darkness, to teach me how to make that job one of the ways my wholeness expresses itself, in a way that is perfectly attuned to its nature as it truly is.

No matter what your work is, there are likely many moments when you are tempted away from the experience of flow and oneness into any of the many flavors of dissatisfaction that we all fall into so naturally. I invite you, too, to feel the call to the wholeness and natural ease-in-working that is your birthright.