Joseph Anderson

Transforming Negativity

Imagine before you a clean, white cloth, maybe two or three feet square. You are kneeling before it, in a place that is comfortable for you, meadow or garden or den. This cloth is lying on the ground or floor.

Can you see its crispness, its whiteness without a spot? Now summon your courage – this is the hard part. Reach within yourself and dislodge from its hiding place a piece of darkness – something you have done or believe you are that you have kept buried for so long you might almost have forgotten it – but you haven’t.

Dislodge it! Breathe and let it come out until it is lying there on that white cloth. The cloth holds it well – the fabric is strong. If it needs to grow and stretch it does so. The cloth gives that little horrible bit all the context it needs to relax, to stop fighting, to just…be…itself, for a while.

Send some sweet lavender scent to cleanse it.

Call forth harps and bells for its serenade.

And when it is calm, when it had drifted off to sleep, look carefully again. How beautiful it has become, sleeping there! How needed; what essential nutrients it has been giving you!

You have a choice now: you can welcome this creature back into your ecosystem – transformed now that you know it by its true name of Helper. Or it may be time for it to fly away and find freedom in some other place.

When you are done, visualize the white cloth surrounded by golden light and then neatly incinerating into nothingness. You are clean and well. This part of you is either fully integrated or completely gone on its new adventures. Rejoice!