Joseph Anderson

Taurus full moon

While things here on earth are a bit unsettled, the heavens continue to offer their steady progression, and there is much for us to learn. Monday there is a full moon in Taurus. Donna Cunningham’s affirmations from Moon Signs for the Taurus moon are:

I release my fear of financial insecurity
I release all attitudes blocking prosperity
I cherish and nurture my resourcefulness
I accept my right to a prosperous lifestyle
The rich abundance of the earth fills my life

As I reflect on these affirmations in the context of this post-election landscape, there is certainly a sense of insecurity, an anxiety blocking access to abundance, and questions about the challenges that may arise and the resources available to deal with them. 

In such times as these, I am grateful that we are blessed with a full moon in the ripeness of Taurus – the sign of the Zodiac associated with mid-spring’s burgeoning fertility. That solidity of earth is a great ally, as I find myself needing to focus on keeping my shoulders back, my chest open, my belly soft. Indeed all the elements can come to my aid in this grounding work: not only the abundance of the fruitful earth, but also this precious column of air moving in and out of my body with every breath; the fluid movement of emotions remaining fully alive, responsive, and not frozen with fear; and the expansive fire of spirit that lifts me up into the Context of all contexts. These are my perpetual allies, and they are always available to keep me sane and connected. They are the gifts of our incarnation and there is much benefit in using them.

But in particular, Taurus calls us to dig into the earth, like the bull. Stand your ground. Find and assert the uniqueness of your own individual genius. The world needs your help at this time, as at all times. That help will only emerge through your identifying and finding root in your own power. The prosperity affirmations above are potent incantations, essential to the call to service. Taurus is the antidote to martyrdom: it reminds you to claim a sense of abundance, to recognize and celebrate what you have been given so you can move forward – even into difficult territory – with a sense of trust and not gasping exhaustion, engagement and not despair, rising possibility and not grinding uncertainty. You are and remain a shining one. Whatever darkness may be, cannot conceal that – in fact it makes your brightness all the more vivid.