Joseph Hakim Anderson

Scorpio Full Moon: Phoenix Rising

Donna Cunningham's affirmations from Moon Signs for full moon in Scorpio are:

I release all resentments I have accumulated.
I let go of past hurts, betrayals and losses.
I accept my capacity to transform my life.
I open myself up to the right healing experiences.
Like the phoenix, I rise, transformed and whole.

Every two weeks a fresh full or new moon cycle begins. As with all things astrological, the influences are subtle and don't necessarily reveal themselves right away. I think this is especially true of Scorpio, which feels like the most hidden and mysterious sign. Here are the affirmations I'm going to focus on for the next 28 days:

I accept my capacity to transform my life.

Fresh on the heels of my initiation, and thinking also about Odysseus and his raft, I find myself opening more to the idea that I can act and all is well. Honestly this is a new concept to me: growing up in the great shadow of the Church, and God's Will and all that, I think I have been looking over my shoulder for many years, looking for Someone Else to tell me what to do. A new kind of freedom, a bit scary but also bracing, is emerging: this affirmation is a lovely way to think about it.

I open myself up to the right healing experiences.

This chant came to me a week ago:

Don't think it comes for you:
That would be an isolating feeling

First it comes to you:
Because you are in need of healing.

And at last, at last it comes through you:
A hidden blessing revealing.

I was thinking of music when this showed up, but it could apply to any work we have to do: the best always comes through me, not from me - the shamanic concept of being a "hollow bone" is one way to understand this. Sometimes I think of myself as an eagle-bone whistle.

Like the phoenix, I rise, transformed and whole.

One of the animals associated with Scorpio is (naturally enough) the scorpion; but the eagle and the phoenix are two other Scorpio-related creatures. Birds - ravens, crows, eagles, canaries in particular - are central to my shamanic work. I pay a lot of attention to birds. I have especially been paying attention lately to the DC Eagle Cam, which shows in real-time a pair of nesting eagles and their two eaglets in Washington DC's National Arboretum (see for unforgettable sights).

It has been amazing watching the tiny creatures that hatched in mid-February as they have stretched out steadily but unevenly into their eagleness--right now their enormous claws give them a rather clown-like look (barely visible in this screen capture in the eaglet on the right). But is also interesting how ashy and sooty their plumage is right now. They certainly look like creatures rising from the ashes.

So I'm going to continue to find my inspiration from these beings who are coming magnificently into their power, even though they look a bit awkward, and maybe even a little burned-out, along the way…

"Like the phoenix, I rise, transformed and whole."