Joseph Anderson

Rutilation: Threads of Gold Within


Imagine yourself as a lump of quartz. Firm, smooth, nicely faceted. This lump is your soul’s essence, your reason for being here. It lies deep within you. But notice something important: the quartz is not perfectly pure: that is, it does not represent your karma, identity, personality, purpose alone. Threaded through that lump are strands of gold! You are penetrated by Spirit! From one perspective this is compromise – however hard you wish, you are not fully yourself. But what a gift to be so infused. What possibilities from beyond yourself emerge.

To this point you may have experienced these divine strands as black, useless, polluting. Gold in the dark does not yet shine. But in the moment when you are ready, the divine finger touches a point of this darkness, and it begins steadily and unmistakably to glow. To radiate. To illuminate all your hidden interior spaces with meaning and purpose. Each compartment of your life, carefully walled off and protected by your sense of shame, is revealed as a treasure-chamber in a sacred temple, full of riches beyond belief. See, the divine spark is travelling along these darkened corridors now, revealing to you – and not only to you – the wondrous destiny that has been lying in wait all along.

Don’t name it yet: that will come.