Joseph Anderson

Orchard Oculus on display July 23

I found out this weekend that I will be displaying my artwork Orchard Oculus as a semi-official part of the Heaven and Earth art exhibit at Piper Orchard in Carkeek Park on July 23. The opening of the event is from 5-7pm that evening; we will install the piece (20 to 25 mobiles) earlier in the day, photograph it and take video, leave it up through the opening, then take it down after 7pm. Something like the Israelites with their portable tabernacle in the wilderness. I’m quite pleased about it; I have a bit of work to do to finish it (I keep telling Victoria “I just need to finish it” and she points out that I need to say “I need to finish it.” OK, so I’m finishing it.

There may be other opportunities to hang the piece, in other orchards, but this was the location I originally designed it for, so it’s very gratifying. I have more to say about the piece and its meaning on this page; I will just add that it is a pure expression of my naive and joyful relationship with art making. It is not refined. It is not sophisticated. There is something true about me in that, something that I often have trouble expressing (how I love to be seen as sophisticated!) but I think is crucial to the opening of my heart and the sharing of my gifts. How our true being shines forth in the world can be a true mystery. The mystery for me is about to take the shape of a couple of dozen sheets of plexiglass, twigs, and pie tin shards, dancing in the summer sun. I can’t wait to see it!