Joseph Anderson

Moving forward with grace

I last wrote a post here just before the Solstice, planning to resume as usual in the new year. On January 1, I developed a severe medical condition that knocked me out of commission for most of the month and led me into the shadowlands. Some important insights came out of that experience and my recovery from it. The one I want to tell you about at this point is that I need to simplify my life. A consequence of that realization is that I am going to slow down my blogging activity, and bring more focus to what I share. 

Soul Cartography is growing beautifully, with a new class starting this month. Delving into the meaning and possibilities of mapping our lives in 2-dimensional space just keeps revealing more and more, and I plan to focus my writing here on that. The many other threads of my life that have been present on this blog, the poetry and films and the moon cycle and the tree calendar and whatever else comes along – I’m going let the unfolding of those remain my own private work for a while.