Joseph Anderson

Libra Full Moon: Letting Go of Past Hurts

Donna Cunningham’s affirmations from Moon Signs for full moon in Libra (which happened early this morning Pacific time, complete with an eclipse!) are:

I release my sorrow over past relationships.

I let go of the need to find the ideal man or woman.

I am complete and need no other to make me whole.

I am loving, lovable, and loved.

I give and receive unconditional love.

Here’s what I want to focus on during this next 28-day cycle:

I release my sorrow over past relationships.

I am particularly drawn to this affirmation because of my recent reflection on my years as a high school teacher. I was a sensitive, passionate young man in my late 20’s and really suffered because I didn’t receive the kind of response from my students I hoped for. Looking back I can see my naïve idealism; I kind of set myself up for failure. But the heartbreak was real and it took me a long time to recover, and has taken me even longer (nearly 30 years now) to be able to see the experience clearly and find true healing.

That healing was significantly helped by a wonderful session last night with my Soul Cartography class. This group is so cheerful, so courageous, so willing to dive into the process – we had a lot of fun mapping out the patterns in our lives. I spent time working with three phases of teaching in my life: the high school teaching mentioned above, the twelve years or so I spent teaching chant, and this new phase I just initiated a few weeks ago. Doing this work, and sharing it with the wise souls that it’s my privilege to spend time with in these sessions, has done a great deal toward putting to rest an old story of sadness; it really is time to let it go. So: “I release my sorrow over past relationships.”

I am loving, lovable, and loved.

This is the kind of saying that almost seems too goopy – but as with a lot of things that are sweet, there is real power in it and that takes fortitude to face. So I need to face it:

When I follow my heart and let go of the fear that inhibits me from reaching out and making connection: I am loving.

When I can operate out of the essence of who I am and not a fearful persona (mask) that I adopt to protect myself: I am lovable.

When I stop following the dictates of the critical voices in my head and listen instead to the voice of the universe speaking to me through my family, my friends, the spirit of beauty in nature and art: I am loved.

We live in disturbing times of terror and hate, where our commitment to walking on the path of love is being severely tested. Now more than ever we need to embrace this path, affirm it, let go of our pain and fear and be lifted up into a transformed mode of being. Just as this morning’s eclipse amps up the potency of the Libra full moon we are all experiencing, let’s use the darkness of this time to renew our commitment to the ways of fearless, open, faithful love.