Joseph Anderson

In Memoriam Doug Walker

2014-06-27 14.20.59I got the news today that Doug Walker was caught in an avalanche on Granite Mountain and was found dead yesterday.  Much more here.  I worked for Doug for 8 years when he was the chief executive at WRQ, from the mid-90’s to the mid-00’s and he was a formative influence on me.  Among the many identities I am negotiating in this lifetime is “technology manager” and I learned a lot from Doug about how to be completely present and in integrity as I go about that work.  A unique and potent personality who influenced so many people in so many different ways.  It is fitting that he ended his life wrapped up in snow in the mountains he loved so much.  May his soul bring blessing to many more as it continues on its journey, probably someplace wild and beautiful and beyond the limits of what most souls can handle.

Doug, you were always more of a history-and-math guy than a poetry guy, but here is my offering to you today:

Walking on walking
Under foot      earth turns
Streams and mountains never remain the same.

– Gary Snyder, from “The Mountain Spirit”, in Mountains and Rivers Without End