Joseph Anderson

How does Joseph heal?

With a wave of Buddhism washing over me and reminding me of how important the dharma is to my well-being, with a new and renewed commitment to claim Jesus as my root guru and lifelong spiritual companion – now more than ever, shamanic practice and especially healing keeps showing up as the work that I need to do. (I wrote about all this in my tripod post.)

Life is beginning to resume its more-normal shape after a spring of international travel and a number of family complications. That, too, is leading me to think once again about the reason why I do all the things I do: the teaching, the writing, the artwork, the music…  I do them in order to call attention to, to create space for, to deepen and strengthen my healing work. The Universe knows better than I do exactly how and when that healing is to take place (no doubt much of it has to do with my own healing process). But however the harvest happens, we are called to plant our own seeds.

And so I’m taking the next step: it’s time for me to lay out more clearly just what my shamanic healing work looks like. Although “the map is not the territory” (as we’ve been talking about in Soul Cartography class) – I need to create the map. 

And so I have added some content to the Services page of my site, laying out the roadmap for a set of healing sessions with me, in more detail than I have done before. You might say it is a proposal, as always open to negotiation.

I invite you to take a look.