Joseph Anderson

Meditative Astrology

As an ancient wisdom practice, astrology explores the relationship between the movements of the stars and planets and the energetic patterns of possibility that unfold for humans here on earth.  Much more than a set of simplistic rules, astrology is a meditation on the vast and intricate workings of the universe, and the ways they mirror the rich unfolding that takes place within each human soul.

I use astrology to assist with my shamanic healing work, as a pathway to deeper understanding of the inner dynamics of your life: your purpose for coming into this life, the challenges you face, the opportunities that are present for you, where you are growing. To this end I will create a birth chart for you and refer to it periodically to help guide my intuition. Our work together may or may not involve explicit reference to the details of your chart – in general I do not do “astrological readings”.

I make use of the traditional Western practice of astrology, with a person-centered, free-will approach.  The phrase “meditative astrology” captures what is distinctive in my approach: a spacious, intuitive and patient reflection on the patterns that appear in my clients’ astrological charts, with insights coming more from my heart than my head.