Joseph Anderson



I offer group classes on various aspects of the spiritual path.

There’s a Soul Cartography class currently underway – dates for the next session yet to be determined. Contact me to be added to my mailing list for updates.


I offer one-on-one sessions in shamanic healing and sacred chant. Here are some thoughts on my healing philosophy.

Sessions are usually an hour or so. It is ideal if you can come to my North Seattle studio but we can also work over the phone – long distances are not a problem.

My intention is to facilitate bringing you into harmony with your essential energies so that you can experience healing, wholeness, and wellness in every aspect of your life.  Those I work with have reported liberation from lingering attachments, relief from emotional and psychic distress, and the ability to live more freely into one’s purpose.

My rate is $70 per session. If lack of funds is an obstacle I will gladly offer a sliding scale.

How will we work together?

Each person is different, and the process is highly adaptable depending on individual circumstances, but here’s the standard road map I typically use.

I suggest we plan on three sessions together: the first to cleanse purify your energy field, the second to recover aspects of your psyche that have been lost or cut off due to past trauma, and the third to initiate a process for inviting new possibilities into your life. We may agree together to spend multiple sessions on one of these phases.

First session: Cleansing

Prior to our first session, I will ask you to let me know of any particular issues you want to work on together. This could include physical discomfort in the form of illness or injury, emotional distress, spiritual uncertainty or longing, life goals that you want help in achieving.

Our first session will be focused on clearing out spiritual impediments. With the assistance of my spiritual teachers and helpers I will scan your body’s energy field and ask the question, “what is here that doesn’t belong?” This appears to me as various forms of psychic “crud,” accumulated naturally enough through no-one’s fault in the ordinary course of life, that just needs to be cleared out. I’ll call on Spirit to support me in carefully removing this detritus from your energy field and dissipating it into the purifying waters of Puget Sound, just down the hill from my studio. This will leave you feeling clean and spacious and receptive.

As part of this process, I will also journey to the spirit world to retrieve a power animal for you. In the shamanic world view, there are abundant spiritual helpers available to us, who are eager to support us in any way they can. Though they can take many forms, it seems particularly easy for humans to connect to the spirits of animals. In our culture where we no longer pay attention to these resources, it is not unusual for us to lose touch with these sacred helpers. Power animal retrieval will restore to you one of these companions and give you the opportunity to establish a more conscious and beneficial relationship with it. The support of your power animal will help keep your energy field clean and free of intrusions in the future. This is one of my favorite types of work, as the animal spirit often brings great joy, comfort, and renewed hope with it.

Second session: soul retrieval

With this initial purification accomplished, in the second session we focus on reclaiming parts of yourself that have been isolated by traumatic experiences in the past. The shamanic term for this ancient practice is “soul retrieval”. The soul naturally exists as an integrated whole made of many different aspects and dimensions. When we encounter strong emotions such as fear, shame, or distress (particularly as young people, but also in later life) one of these soul aspects, in order to protect itself, may seal itself off and enter a state of suspended animation. During the session, with the help of my spirit guides, I will enter a trance state and journey on your behalf to the places and times where these events have occurred, recover the missing soul parts, and bring them back to you. Along with the retrieval of soul parts, the spirits often provide gifts for you, which you can use to help as you welcome and reintegrate the missing soul parts.

Third session: where do I go from here?

Soul retrieval is a subtle but powerful process, and it often takes some time before its effects have been fully absorbed. So it may be a few weeks between the soul retrieval session and the third session. This third session can take a variety of forms, but often centers on the question, “where do I go from here?” In preparing for this session I will seek guidance on how to proceed: we may work on helping you strengthen your own connections to your sources of guidance and power, establish practices to support you day by day, or identify creative projects or other tasks that will help carry you where you need to go.

Next steps

From here we may identify additional work to do together, or you may find new (or old) ways to continue on your path. It may be that a ceremony – a creative ritual that we create together, or that you develop on your own – will be helpful to strengthen and deepen what has emerged during the process.

During the time we work together, I will be checking in frequently with my helpers and teachers for further insight and information about how the process may unfold – and I will encourage you to tune in to your own guidance regularly and do the same. From beginning to end this is a collaborative process, a partnership between you, me, and the world of Spirit through which the right way forward becomes clear as we go.