Joseph Anderson

Sacred Chant

Chanting creates healing vibrations within the body and is an especially potent way to channel spiritual energy. I chant sacred songs to help gain energy and clarity for our work together. Through chanting I become a vehicle for healing vibration and directly invoke healing power for you. By chanting together we attune our hearts and spirits for healing work.

Chants have unique signatures that make them suitable for different healing purposes. Ancient chants used by millions of people for centuries (like the Tibetan Buddhist “Om Mani Padme Hung” or the Christian “Ave Maria”) reach deep into the collective unconscious. Chants newly composed in our era speak in a direct way to our own cultural sensibility and energies. And songs that spring forth new in the moment during healing sessions evoke the power of divine creativity in the now.

I look forward to singing both for you and with you as part of your journey toward wholeness!