Joseph Anderson


Japan: Waterfalls

This weekend as part of a trip to see my family in Portland I revisited Latourell Falls, in the Columbia Gorge about 30 minutes from my dad’s place in East Portland. The water drops 250 feet in a free fall…
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We get on the plane for a three-week trip to Japan at 1:50 am on May 19! The planning and thinking and imagining as we get ready for this big adventure has been fascinating and powerful. When we made the decision to…
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Continuing a string of personal posts, since much is happening in my life and sharing that seems necessary. On Friday I was led through an initiation ceremony by Julie Charette-Nunn, who has been a healer, mentor, teacher and friend since…
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Tesserae, Part 2

I wrote a post yesterday about life-as-mosaic, listing the many kinds of pieces I have in front of me as I work these days. On reflection I want to clarify something: the phase I’m in now is perhaps the messiest…
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“Tesserae” are the pieces of a mosaic: little chips of stone and glass that may wildly divergent in their individual character, yet form a glittering and glorious pattern when viewed as a whole. It is the soul’s work to assemble…
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