Joseph Anderson

Brief Hiatus

After quite a bit of breathing out since the first of the year, I am taking some time for the next few weeks to breathe in a little. For the next month or so I will be writing but not posting. I expect that all the percolating on Japan, poetry, shamanism, healing and much more will continue, but will remain less public and more inward for a bit. Sharing my journey on this blog is very satisfying and will remain a habit; stepping back so I can reflect further and how, what, and why will help me to share more effectively. You’ll hear from me again in mid-June. Meanwhile, we have a lovely Sagittarius full moon coming up next weekend to help supercharge our visions, expansiveness, and sense of wonder about the multidimensional experience we all participate in, and a Gemini new moon in early June to stimulate new ways of self-understanding and self-expression.