Joseph Hakim Anderson

Blog: Poetry and the Shamanic Spirit

Poetry and the Shamanic Spirit is an ongoing project to explore the presence of shamanic consciousness in great poetry of the Western tradition. For most of its history the West has neglected or persecuted shamanic practitioners; nevertheless, the awareness and spiritual insight so familiar to me from my own practice is clearly visible in overt or hidden ways; more explicitly so as we approach the present. So much to explore!

Louise Gluck, The Wild Iris

I have a weakness for big, complicated, fully embodied – some might say overblown – works of art. Wagner’s Ring cycle. Joyce’s Ulysses. The Odyssey itself, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and OK, the Bible. Lately I find myself being tugged into…
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H.D., Sea Garden

As I poke around here and there in the poetic corpus for resonances of the shamanic spirit, some finds are easier than others. An easy one was the recent discovery I made at Seattle’s Globe Bookstore, Crazy Horse in Stillness…
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