Joseph Hakim Anderson

Blog: Facets of Spiritual Practice

My work with shamanism, together with long experience in mystical Christian and Buddhist traditions, has given me some insights into how to build and maintain a stable and nourishing spiritual practice. These posts consider practical ways to bring sacred awareness into daily life. Some of the topics I am exploring:

  • Bringing the cycle of the year (especially celestial motions and the trees in their seasons) into daily practice
  • Creating sacred objects to focus intention and attention
  • Using sacred chant to induce calmness and heightened awareness
  • "Soul Cartography" - mapping techniques to clarify purpose and bring coherence

Matthews Beach

It turns out that offering water blessings has its challenges. After my wonderful Ocean experiences in early November I have been going every weekend now for three weeks to sacred water locations in different places in Seattle. Last week, however, I…
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Tree Calendar: Alder

Down at the foot of the sloping neighborhood where I live, in Carkeek Park, alders gather in abundance alongside the creeks, lifting their leafy branches in great arches above me. Alder, that ubiquitous water-loving magnificent teacher and healer, is the special focus…
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