Joseph Anderson

Aries New Moon: Focusing Energy

Donna Cunningham’s affirmations from Moon Signs for new moon in Aries are:

I release any anger that is toxic to me.

I direct my anger into constructive action.

I assert myself in a balanced, comfortable way.

Energy is available for all I want to achieve.

I allow my leadership potential to unfold.

For the next 28 days we are influenced by the Aries new moon, a period of new beginnings and possibilities. Every new moon has that quality, and so we are given a clean slate and a fresh start each month (which is nice!). With both sun and moon in Aries – the first sign of the zodiac, associated with the initiative and drive of Mars as well as the bounding fertility of spring – this truly feels like the beginning of a new cycle.

And for this cycle I’m focusing on these affirmations:

  • I release any anger that is toxic to me. It’s a tumultuous election season and toxic anger is everywhere. I’m not an apolitical person but in this space and in my progress on the path of healing, anger is really not helpful. Journey work has been very useful in teaching me equanimity and focus in intense situations: if I can stay focused on my purpose then high energy can stay in its pure state and not turn into anger – or fear, which in my experience always underlies anger. So as our great national drama plays out let me stay clear of toxicity, which has no value, and focus on energy which does.
  • Energy is available for all I want to achieve. There it is! The substrate of anger. When I remain calm; when I remain in trust; when I look at and listen to what is really happening: then I have the energy I need, and I can do my work. I’m finding that it really does take discipline to get there. In the past I have expended plenty of energy in the form of unfocused frustration, longing and impatience. It feels mighty good to find a relaxed place out of which I can operate. A little chant: Let the impediments go/Let the energy flow.
  • I allow my leadership potential to unfold. I’m feeling this a lot from my lovely Soul Cartography group (we had our final session last night). Growing up in an evangelical environment I developed a strong distaste for being directive or, well, evangelistic. But things are shifting: a couple of years ago I wrote a song about this:

I have found my ground
And I take my stand
Time to get around
Time to raise my hand
Going to let them see what I have to be
Make them take a good look at me
I will be myself
I will be myself

Astonishingly enough, I seem to be getting there. With the help of this lovely Aries new moon, may I continue to live into this possibility!