Joseph Hakim Anderson


As a creative artist I am engaged in a lifelong investigation of the process of making and sharing works.  Some of the concrete fruit of this work is described below.

Currently my primary creative focus is on my technology consulting practice. It’s no exaggeration to say that it makes use of everything I’ve learned from the below, and much much more. While other public works like those below may bubble up from time to time, consulting (and the writing, speaking, coaching, marketing, and other highly creative pursuits) is where I put most of my creative attention.

Since high school and college music and theater days Performance has been an important recurring fascination. I learned and have performed on several instruments (piano, guitar, cello, trombone, to name a few) and have been a performing singer for over 20 years. Sacred Chant has been a central focus of performance for a couple of decades; I helped found and lead the group Peregrine and produced their two CDs, and have chanted and led chant in many different contexts. Public speaking and storytelling are two other interests that have periodically come into play; I love them because they weave together performance and teaching.

Works: formed and led jazz combo, adult theater group, Gregorian chant group; produced “Gregorian Chant” and “Night Chants” music CDs; produced numerous medieval and chant music concerts and participatory programs; arranged music and ritual experiences for over 20 Gregorian chant retreats; won Toastmasters storytelling award; wrote, produced and performed “The Face of Desire”, a one-man show

When I was young I thought Writing would be my vocation; while technical and business writing is part of my daily life, I think I had something more artistic in mind! It has taken some time for this dream to come to fruition: in recent years song and poetry writing have been showing up more regularly; I had a successful spirituality blog, and am under way with a new one. Thankfully, my business blog and some book projects currently under way finally give me the opportunity to write to my heart’s content!

Works: Current business blog, lyrics and poetry, Lotus and Lily Field Notes blog

Visual Art is a new interest of mine; I am completing my first art installation and several other projects are in work. My wife Victoria is a visual artist and I am learning a lot from her; I love the way working with physical materials grounds me and forces me to think in new ways.

Works: Orchard Oculus art installation

One of the overarching themes of my life is Teaching: high school for several years, adults regularly since then (in Experimental College classes and classes and workshops for the Center for Sacred Art). The process of designing and delivering curriculum is a highly creative activity and has resulted in its own body of work.

Works: Courses on literature, world religions, journalism, Grimm fairy tales, Gregorian and world chant (in many flavors), Soul Cartography