Joseph Anderson

About Me

Common identities: white male cisgender middle class American. Nothing to see here.

Mildly interesting identities: moderately successful and non-exhausting career as technology project manager, happily married since 1985, have spent my life on the West Coast of the US, particularly in San Francisco and Seattle. Love my house, love my neighborhood, baseball, Russian literature, baking. That’s nice!

Uncommon identities (past): twenty years as a singer and teacher of Gregorian chant; a two year Big Adventure as a new-age-style tech management consultant and author; another couple of years doing some useful spiritual teaching of which I remain proud, using a method I developed called Soul Cartography. Hmm, ok, kind of interesting.

Uncommon identities (present): student of shamanism and Japanese esoteric Buddhism,  on a path of personal and collective transformation weaving together rituals with songs, visual art, spoken word, and dance… I don’t suppose you’ve performed in New York? Oh.

Identities (future): who can say, really? I am retiring from my day job fairly soon and aspire to get back to teaching what I have been learning about music and the spiritual life in an integrated way. I like writing songs and aspire to be a “songwriter” (and possibly a “singer/songwriter”). Just proceeding slowly, trying to be less pushy and let things come. So “not pushy about my life” is another future aspiration. So you don’t have a mailing list of coming events? No?