Joseph Hakim Anderson

Spiritual and psychic healing


Join me on a healing journey to help you discover your deepest inner wisdom, well-being, and life purpose.

I offer teaching and personalized healing services to address your unique needs with the intention of finding solutions specific to you.

If you feel intuitively called to work with me, and the conditions are right, we can enter into a three-way healing partnership:

You: ready to let go of what no longer serves you and to open yourself to a deeper and more whole experience of life.

Me: a channel for Spirit to do its work - my role is to stay awake and aware in order to build a connection for healing to take place.

The Universe: full of love, creativity, humor, and joy – eager to release you from any obstacles that hinder the full expression of your divine nature.

If you’d like a free initial consultation, contact me – or explore the rest of the site to learn more about what I do.